lifestyle changes

Hey y’all! Happy February! I’m taking a quick break in this looks for less week to just let you in on something I’ve been mulling over for awhile. Today is the first day of a lifestyle change that I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life.

Today I’m officially a dairy free pescatarian. I’ve been off beef (consciously) for maybe 2 years and I’m not a big poultry fan. The only meat I could eat constantly was pork. I’ve been watching my eating habits for awhile and decided that I wanted to cut meat from my diet. I also realized there was an option to keep seafood as a source of protein. I live in a port city. There’s seafood everywhere! This seems perfect for me.

I’ve gone back to meal planning and making sure I have enough good snacks to get me through the day. This first month might be mainly trial and error, but I’m determined to stick to it. I’m working on dealing with family and friends who probably won’t understand my dietary choices. I’m hoping for more support than criticism, but you can’t determine what people will say or think.

I’ve also started a board on Pinterest for pescatarian recipes and guides and you can feel free to follow and give me suggestions. Thanks so much for reading and giving any possible support!

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