In the Buff

In the Buff

Zimmermann short romper

Gianvito Rossi genuine leather shoes
$795 –

Deux Lux pink shoulder bag

Zimmermann yellow gold hoop earrings
$130 –

Mac cosmetics lipstick
$22 –


Easter 2k17

Easter 2k17

a Black Southern Belle Easter

Or A Seat At the Table.

Hey y’all! I had the absolute honor and privilege to shoot an Easter themed shoot with some amazing creative women of color last month! I remember getting an email from Mimi of The Tiny Tassel and almost deleting it because nobody emails me. I realized it was a legit email and was wonderfully surprised. Very rarely (that I’ve witnessed here in Charleston) are women of color brought together to collaborate. It seems like there’s an unwritten rule of competition where someone’s vying to be the special snowflake. I hope you read all the way into that metaphor.

It was refreshing to be a part of something that was celebratory of women of color. It was all very supportive and uplifting–something a lot of people wouldn’t want you to believe. We shared our stories, our frustrations, our goals, so many other things and we encouraged and vowed to support each other. This what what I’ve been missing and what I feel we need more of.

With that in mind, I decided to stop procrastinating and work on a networking event for black women bloggers and entrepreneurs. These relationships need to be nurtured and expounded upon to show unity and a real commitment to community over competition. This was the first step in creating our own opportunities and now I’m taking the next. Charleston Black Girl Bloggers Brunch (@chsblackgirlbloggersbrunch) is coming soon and if you’re interested in sponsoring or hosting us, please feel free to email me.


Venue: #hamptonpark
Photography: @anerisphotos
Event design/coordination : @papermeetspearl
Tablescape: @westelmcharleston
Attire/Jewelry: @thetinytassel
Calligraphy: @hatchcovedesigns
Dessert: @swank_desserts
Florals: @wearepetaloso
Rentals: @snyderevents
Makeup: @rheajmua
Catered Foods: @sob_catering
Cocktails: @Sociologiewine
Bloggers: @xoxoijoelle

@JCSUniversity (Belated) Founders Day Wear

@JCSUniversity (Belated) Founders Day Wear

the struggle: my bad

Hey y’all! Let’s get right to it, shall we? I haven’t blogged in awhile and you want to know why? Depression. It hit me like a ton of bricks awhile back. I was essentially just feeling down and the feeling really never went away. I kept wanting to write it out, but the feeling wouldn’t let me. It’s tough.

It makes me unproductive and my sadness goes through phases. There’ll be a little feeling of sadness that’s not too bad and then I could look in the mirror and see this awful acne that’s determined to ruin my grown person life and break down. The hardest, ugliest cry hit me over it one night while I was getting ready for bed.

Then anxiety and the depression decide to tag team and I’m crying myself to sleep because life thoughts are the worst. You’re not supposed to compare your life and what you’re going through to anyone else’s, but not when D&A team up. It just really sucks. I hate it. My doctor referred me to a therapist, but of course my insurance won’t exactly cover it. I was supposed to call, but work/procrastination/these feelings all got in the way.

I have to talk to someone and I hope to not need meds. Meds are the worst. I remember being on Paxil as a teenager and there were no good thoughts–especially when you miss a day or are trying to get off. The sickness was overwhelming. I don’t want meds, but they’re a thing that might help.

I don’t want to think about that. I wanted to get this off my chest and apologize for not being here more. I’ve done some good stuff in the interim and I’m planning something cool for the next month. Maybe event planning will be my calling? Who knows, but I’m having a pretty good time learning and working! That’s a petunia in this field of despair. 

Things will get better. I didn’t cry while writing this, so that’s a win. I claim every win I can. It’s working. Go me!