Brunch Mixing

Brunch Mixing

Dolce Gabbana silk blouse
$1,120 –

J W Anderson shoulder handbag
$1,440 –

Gurhan gold jewellery

Lana 14 karat gold earrings

Linda Farrow round frame glasses
$7,090 –

Mac cosmetic


Sight Seeing in Style

Sight Seeing in Style

Topshop yellow top
$7.80 –

Gap blue jacket

Dolce Gabbana leather purse
$2,300 –

Nest wood jewelry

14k earrings

Disney Couture rose ring
$47 –

Mac cosmetic


Hey y’all! I’m generally a fan of things made locally and when I found out a few years ago that there was a local brand of sunglasses, I knew I wanted to find a way to work with them. Nectar sunnies are sold at almost every local boutique, but they’ve also got a national reach. To say that they were born right in the low country seems like an accomplishment for us all. A success story you can get behind and feel a sense of pride for.

I reached out to Nectar for a product sponsorship for Charleston Black Girl Bloggers Brunch and although they couldn’t meet my initial request, they were kind enough to send me a fabulous pair of sunnies. My goal was to get a look and a photographer and really style the house down with them, but circumstances arose. Although I couldn’t go with my initial plan, I decided to take control with my own amateur hands. 

I took a gritty approach and brought Nectar to the concrete jungle. A temperamental neighborhood in the North Central side of Charleston. I would say away from tourists and gentrification, but I literally live in a hood between Revelry Brewing and Lewis Barbecue…so there’s that. 

I’m wearing Fetch–and yes, we’re totes making Fetch happen–and aside from the unique style, the color really stands out. They’re super light weight, the lenses are scratch resistant, and as someone with an astigmatism and eye strain I don’t have to take them off or struggle to see things on the road on an extremely sunny day. You know what I’m talking about!

They have 100% UV protection and are glare resistant. What else could you ask for? Oh wait, there is more–each purchase of a pair of Nectar sunnies goes to repopulating honey bees (I guess that’s cool, even though they’re my natural enemy), there’s full UVA and UVB blockage (woot woot!), and they will replace them for life because they are the coolest motherfunkers on the planet!

I’m not sure what else you need as a reason to head on over to their website to start piling up your carts. Their sunnies are awesome, their cause is awesome, their locale is awesome, they know you’re super rough on sunnies and back them for life–I mean, come on! You must not like quality or compassion or general, all around good peopleness. Just go on and check them out! Tell them I sent you! It might just mean something!

Sunnies: Nectar // Earrings: The Tiny Tassel // Hat: Aviate 



Distressed boyfriend jeans
$200 –

Stuart Weitzman stiletto shoes

Yves saint laurent handbag

Audemars piguet watch

Natalie B gold filled jewelry
$110 –

HOOK LDN pink glasses

Street Chic

Street Chic

Gucci bum bag

ERTH yellow gold necklace
$595 –

Design Lab layered jewelry

Gucci tortoiseshell sunglasses
$710 –

Kevyn aucoin makeup