“She remembered who she was and the game changed”—Ancient Negro Proverb

I’m back!

I had to take a break from this blogging business because I became lost and uninterested. Charleston is so uninspiring because everyone and everything just looks the same. The same bloggers wearing the same typical southern girl garb, the same pictures taken in the same locations Downtown, and the same privileged attitudes. I’m not about that life.

I was born to stand out.

The issue with standing out is, Charleston. The status quo doesn’t believe in that. I’m not a sorority girl who stoop poses in group photos at lavish get togethers in rich gardens or plantations with my college sweetheart boyfriend/husband bankrolling our typical Charleston lifestyle. You know those people—you see those pictures all over Instagram tagged #CharlestonSC or #CharlestonLife.

I was born and raised here and that’s never been my life. Public housing, East Side, public school, being out until the street lights came on, Hampton Park chilling, and nary a white person in sight until taking that weekend or after school walk down King Street. Black King Street. The parts where they used to warn the incoming freshmen at CofC not to venture to because it was “sketchy.”

Now, all of our businesses and neighborhoods have been erased and everything just costs too damn much. It costs too much to breathe around this Bih. It’s overwhelming and annoying and I really am just plain old over it. Don’t even get me started on the privilege that these imports think they can press upon you with their appropriation. This is why I stay inside. I just can’t deal with the Charleston shenanigans.

In my hiatus I decided to focus on what I can change: my damn self. I still have a passion for style, but paying other people for the opportunity to be Charleston noticed as the quirky black girl is just dead. I don’t know any other eye catchingly Southern charmingly places to take pictures of outfits I probably won’t wear again. I do know that I need to get better at taking care of me. Self care, self wellness, inner peace, namastay and all that stuff.

I’m still lookfabuless, but the new goal is to look fab from the inside out. When I care more about what’s inside, it shines brighter outside. There’s going to be a lot of focus on dealing with depression and anxiety and coming out of my shell to live my best life. I want to get better with meditation and focusing on peace, extending my levels of patience, not taking everything to heart, letting go and letting God, and just being happy AF.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna need some help. I might need a push or a nudge from time to time. Trying a yoga class and don’t wanna go alone? Invite me along! Trying to detox your body and live a cleaner lifestyle, but need encouragement? I’m down! Massages, facials, and that cool self care stuff—I’m your girl!

I’m going to normalize a peaceful, centered lifestyle for regular degular schmegular awkward black girls on a budget in Charleston. That’s a lot more of y’all then you want to admit, but I know you’re out there! This is our safe space. This is the new lookfabuless.com. I’m so happy to be sharing this journey with you.

12 thoughts on ““She remembered who she was and the game changed”—Ancient Negro Proverb

  1. KiKi says:

    Yessssss I’m so happy that you relaunched and are taking your content into this new direction! Can’t wait to see all of your amazing posts.

    You know I’m def down to shoot outfit photos anytime, btw, so let’s make a plan to get together and show off some ~looks~!

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