“You got a Picasso in yo house!”—Esquire, ATL

That quote has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I couldn’t think of a title for this post and I often just shout that line out at random times. Also, ATL is just a hood classic. Hey, I gotta keep y’all on your toes. But for real, though.

Where’s your happy place?

Mine is my bedroom. Four walls, a door, my bed, my smart tv, WiFi, and some snacks. It’s not a lot, but it’s where I’m most content. I don’t have to entertain or wear pants or take off my bonnet. I don’t even have to sit up. I LOVE IT.

For me, being by myself after a day or work week of constantly talking to people is the absolute best. It’s how I recharge, but there are times when I fall into a funk and I’m so used to coming home and putting on my pajamas and lying down that my room gets neglected. Laundry, pillows, clothes, just stuff piles up and I deal with this for months because I just don’t have the energy (mental or physical) to fix it. These cycles are annoying and kinda sad, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to change it.

I changed my bedding and gave myself more room to just stretch out while I sleep, even though I just end up in a ball anyway. I’ve got some stuff designated to hit the curb for garbage day so I can actually walk through and do stuff, but it’s my bedside table that really needs an overhaul. Medication, jewelry, water bottles, receipts—look, it’s been the longest winter ever and it screwed with my mood, so I low key hoarded. I’m cleaning it up, don’t judge me.

It’s my goal to organize and to incorporate pieces that bring better vibes into my space. I bought an essential oil diffuser to help me sleep better at night and get me into a better headspace in the mornings and the coolest thing about it is it’s a rose gold ceramic pineapple! Rose gold AND a pineapple?! It was a no brainer when it came to buying it. It’s also got some fun light display choices, but I’m gonna keep it neutral to avoid sleep interference. My only issue is that I didn’t buy any oils. I don’t really know what to buy. I’ve heard very good things about the Aura Cacia brand, but I have to do things as my budget allows. That pineapple oil diffuser wasn’t expensive, but it was a good part of my allotted frivolous spending. So, I’m looking for oil recs to get my mood right!

I got rid of my alarm clock and replaced it with a rose gold stand for my iPad, so I’m no longer watching the time or having to reset a stupid clock when the power goes out or the wrong button gets pressed (eye roll). I sleep with my phone under pillows, so I have no problem hearing my alarm but I’ll actually have to get up and make deliberate moves to check the time. I haven’t had any anxiety in regards to that, so it’s a definite win.

I’m looking into Himalayan salt lamps, now. I’ve been reading up on their purification properties and as a chronic bronchitis sufferer I think it’ll help in more ways than one. I just don’t want the big lumpy rock lamp. I found a couple minimalist looking ones on Amazon and I’m pretty sure that’ll be added to the good vibes collection. Next to buying furniture, this is the most competent adulting I’ve done in quite some time. Be proud, Awkward Black Girls (and the rest of y’all); be proud.

The rest is really just housekeeping. I need trinket trays and jewelry stands to clean things up and I’ll be all organized and grownup and whatnot. I know it doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but for a busy mind like mine this is a major step to calming chaos. My safe space is my creative zone and as much as I want to deny the correlation, the clutter I live in is a representation of what’s in my head (depression strikes again). I’ve been in a creative funk all winter long and I’m over it.

What do y’all do to keep up your levels of creativity and productivity? How are you increasing your moods? Let’s start a support system! Maybe if I get enough suggestions, I could post them as an outline or a checklist for when you want to try something new! I’m so excited to get back on track and I challenge y’all to take me to task if you catch me slipping. Accountability is key!

If you’re wondering, here’s the essential oil diffuser I got on Amazon:

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