I mean, kinda. I’m definitely not going back and forth with you ninjas–that’s for damn sure. I’m really just focused on me and making myself happy. It makes me happy to be approached by brands to collaborate! I worked with Dunkin’ Donuts of the Carolinas to give away a gift card for #NationalCoffeeDay. The thing is, it’s all over now and if you hadn’t been following my social media feed–your bad 🤷🏾‍♀️ but you can still see all the amazing pictures I took with Sarah Droze Photography 😊

The first 4 were taken with my iPhone 8 and are unedited. You get a great look at my High Maintenance Boutique harem romper and my Tommy Hillfiger sandals and my multitude of accessories!

The next set were all taken with Sarah’s camera. I hadn’t laughed that had in awhile! I really like these pictures and I felt good about myself and wanted to share. No rhyme or reason other than me wanting to celebrate me.

Happy Monday. Happy October. Happy Fall 🙄 or whatever. I hope y’all are feeling great about yourselves and celebrating your wins: no matter how big or how small. Have an awesome day. Put on your favorite outfits, pile on your favorite accessories, grab some coffee, two step and SMILE BITCH!

2 thoughts on “🎤😩 I’M LIVING MY BEST LIFE

  1. Narcisa Maura says:

    Your photos came out amazing!! You are glowing, your hair is flourishing, and you are killing the cute n comfy look!! I so want an Iphone 8 like #yesterday!! Keep celebrating yourself we can’t wait on other #justdoit! Congrats on the collabs xoxo

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