What have you done for you lately?

Janet Damita Jo Jackson once posed a very thought provoking question:

“What have you done for me, lately?”

This led me to pose a very unoriginal, yet equally thought provoking question to myself and to you:

“What have you done for you, lately?”

I mean, don’t you ever think about all the things you do to keep yourself balanced and happy? Maybe you don’t sit and obsess about it day in and day out, but you should definitely think about what makes you feel good and do that shit more often. It may not be something as elaborate as what people #selfcare on social media, but it’s important to your daily wellbeing. I’ll give you my list as an examples.

1. Gratitude and self assurance: Thanking God before I close my eyes for bed and as soon as I open them in the morning are both things that don’t have to happen, but I’m extremely grateful that they do. Telling myself that my day will be great and hyping myself up in the mornings and throughout my day with my mantra generally keep me in good spirits.

2. Time alone and aromatherapy: I spend a lot of time alone because it refreshes me. I’m around people and talking on a phone for eight hours a day, so any time alone listening to and doing what I want is important. In my time alone, I could be just driving to or from work while listening to my favorite podcasts. It could be a walk around the mall or Target or down King Street with my earbuds in, again, with my podcasts or my music. When I’m at home, it’s lying in bed watching my favorite shows and diffusing a calming essential oil blend to help me wind down and prepare for the next day.

3. Getting a good nights rest: I’m still working on this, but I’ve just started to truly understand how important a good nights sleep is to improving mood and setting a good tone to your day. I’ve enlisted the help of a weighted blanket and when I tell you that on the nights that I do get a full, uninterrupted night of sleep I wake up invigorated and ready to take on the day. The weighted blanket most certainly will get its own post soon because IT DESERVES! However, I’m all about that rest, bout that rest, no treble. I’m bringing napping back; a well rested me don’t know how to act. Straight up, no Meghan Trainor, being well rested is really all about that bass NO treble.

These are my *DJ Khaled* major keys */DJ Khaled* to maintaining my personal levels of peace and happiness. I enjoy shopping and the occasional manicure and whatever else, but without these three steps I would honestly fall apart. I’m talking melt down—my attitude would revert and I’d spend a lot of time wallowing in disappointment and fishing myself out of self pity. I absolutely don’t want to live like that anymore. My medication is working, these steps keep me together, and every day shows me how much I’ve improved.

I’ve got to work drinking more water back into my regimen, but once I get that part of my routine working y’all won’t be able to tell me NOTHING. I mean, you can but when my skin is all clear and glowing and I’m full of energy and whatnot… I’m gonna be unstoppable. That’s how self care should make you feel.

These are a few of my faves for aromatherapy and diffusing

With that in mind, take the time to reflect on what you do to keep yourself going and do it all the time. It’s not easy to always do them and there are times that life throws unforeseen barrels at us, a la Donkey Kong, but it’s absolutely okay to sit with that setback as long as you’re working on picking yourself up and trying again. Full on Aaliyah vibes for starting over. Though there are those that may judge you, you’re not here to make them happy. You’re here for you. What have you done for you, lately?

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