Happy New Year, Y’all!

I’ve heard that adults do this thing called communication and in some cases, they even do a thing called socialization. These are relatively foreign concepts to me, but I figured I’d end 2018 on a positive note. That’s why, I’ve attempted to reach peak adulting levels and created holiday cards! Yes, Christmas is over, but a little thing happens between December 31st and January 1st where calendars change and we start a new year. Crazy concept, but it has been happening for years–decades, actually!

So, from me (and PaperlessPost, the EASIEST way to connect with family and friends with great cards and equally amazing stationary from wonderful designers) to you, Happy New Year and good riddance 2018! Seriously, 2018 was doing the absolute most with the absolute least! Whew, Chile, the year of the ghetto. Anyway, I hope 2019 is filled with love, success, peace, joy, and everything else you’ve been working hard for.

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