I Support Black Women Pt 1

It’s Black History Month, Hoe!

That was hella aggressive, but well deserved. It’s not that we wait until February to celebrate—we celebrate all year long, but it’s our anniversary! And if you didn’t sing that a la Tony, Toni, Tone then you clearly need to brush up on your knowledge of Black Excellence.

I’m gonna put y’all on to my favorite black women creatives and entrepreneurs in Charleston, SC. It’s not all encompassing and if you feel I left anyone out, please let me know. I’d love to highlight all of my black girls who’re trying to change the game in The Chuck.

Here goes:

Motherland Essentials

Black Elder Co.

Swank Desserts


Addie J Beauty

The Tiny Tassel

Quanique Studio


Charleston PR Girl


XOXO, I. Joelle

Life Of An Angell

Narcisa Maura

The Fashionable Traveler

Cocktail Bandits

Yogi Mama Ash

Asiah Mae

Fairy Glo Muva

Mani and Maya’s Fruity Treats

Symply L

Sasha Martoni

Kris Kaylin

Courtney Hicks

Ill Vibe The Tribe

Eat Dellz

Chef TR

Please show these ladies some love! Visit their websites, buy their stuff, share their content, support their events—just support and love them as best you can and let’s keep building each other up.

Peace + Love

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