I Support Black Women Pt 2

To end Black History Month on a positive note, because God knows this one has been a raging dumpster fire, here are more Black Women owned businesses to support.

Ivy’s Tea Co.

Saige + Ivy

Zen In A Jar


Noire Design Concepts

Baroness Bree

Elle Johnson Beauty

Nadirah Shakur

Embrace The Human Race

The Honey Pot Co


Obeah Wellness Studio

Mia’s Treats Delight

Owl N Wood

The Sable Collective

My Ear Fetish

High Maintenance Life

Harper Iman Dolls

Play Pits

Soulful Vibes Co

Darilyn Tyrese Collection

The Lip Bar

Beauty Bakerie

Creative on Paper


King Street Apothecary

Zandra Beauty

Glo Girl Cosmetics

Listen, there are so many Black Women owned businesses that should and could be listed, but I’m only one person! Follow Buy From A Black Woman on Instagram and fall down the rabbit hole of wonderful entrepreneurs. The main image on this post is from Buy From A Black Woman’s Instagram by way of Ivy’s Tea Co.

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