Cranes in the Sky

I had to take a mental health break.

I was dealing with my feelings about my job and where I was living and my overall relationships and I was tired. I didn’t know what to write about and I was just generally tired of thinking. I needed a break, so I took one. No hard feelings.

I’m thankful for everyone who encouraged me during that break to just take care of myself. Cranes in the sky, man. Cranes in the sky. Sometimes I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds.

In my downtime, a lot of good things happened for me and I’m extremely grateful. Stuff happened that deserve to be boasted about in their own space as I gather the words and feelings to express them. God has been so good to me when I felt I didn’t deserve it and for that, I need to time and space to accurately boast.

Please understand my absence and forgive me for it. I’ve forgiven myself, most importantly. I’m learning to accept that from myself first and most importantly.

Kim Graham Photography | Gold Creations | Rebecca Wash

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