So, I Did A Thing

And by doing ‘a thing,’ I mean I bought a house.

Yes, I’m back like I never left and so much has happened. I got serious and bought a home and I got a promotion at work so now I can truly afford my home! I take nothing for granted and thank God for everything and to say that I’m blessed is an understatement. Buying a home was always something I’d thought about, but assumed I couldn’t do because the state of South Carolina don’t give a damn about paying you what you’re worth and also #StudentLoanDebt.

“Go to college,” they say. “An education will take you places ‘blah blah blah’ can’t,” they said. IT TAKES YOU STRAIGHT TO DEBT is what they don’t tell you. This isn’t the case for everyone, but it’s definitely the case for me and I still don’t make what my level of education deserves. But guess what?


I mean, I have a co-signer but to say that aside from student loans that this is my first co-signer for anything is a great big deal and I’m two cars into adulthood. #AlwaysStayHumbleAndKind

In the midst of closing on my home, I ended up in a position for a promotion and things worked out even when I thought they wouldn’t. Things started lining up for me when I put work into action to make a big change in my life. There are many examples of folks going from the projects to success in life, but actually being one of those examples is still almost unreal to me. Like, from the projects to a golf course. This is crazy to me!

So, yeah, I’ve been missing in action and although this isn’t the sum of everything I’ve been going though, I’m extremely proud of myself for making it to the other side to tell the tale.


I also loc’d my hair, but that’s a story for another time.

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