My name is Nikki and I’m Charleston (SC) born and (Johnson C) Smith made. I’m an introvert who loves writing, has depression and anxiety, and is just on a mission to make myself better. I honestly have not one single, solitary clue what I want to do with my life and I’m trying to not stress about it but I’m hoping that this mission of self improvement leads me to finding or following my passion.

I’m over 30, single, and childless. These are not reasons for my depression, btw. It’s life as I know it, but I believe this journey to inner peace and wellness will help me change at least two of those three things about me. I’m not known to be the most optimistic person, but I do believe in speaking life into my dreams and manifesting good things. It’s a struggle, but I’m actively trying.

I don’t have many goals, but I desperately try to be a better me than I was the day before. I’m a pescatarian and working on incorporating more all natural products into my lifestyle. (I think I’m transitioning into a preppy hippie?) I’m believing in mantras and daily affirmations and having a circle around you that encourages and lifts you up and that constructively calls you out when necessary. I believe in drinking my water, minding my business, staying black and protecting my magic, and not having a musty brain (props to the Super Friends of podcasts).

I started this blog with the intentions of writing about and documenting my looks for less. Along the way I found a multifaceted outlet. I gave style inspiration, looks on my general budget, and I opened up about life. I’m just a Holy City girl navigating life + looking fab from the inside out. Look Fabuless is a life and style blog; it’s my life, my style, and I’m sharing this journey with (hopefully) likeminded people.

I’m a real life awkward black girl and it’s…generally awkward. That’s a fact. We’re all quirky, I’m just brave enough to share my quirks with the world and offer a hand to hold when you’re ready to be brave enough to share yours.

Contact me: nikki@lookfabuless.com

I’m cool. Seriously.

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