a Black Southern Belle Easter

Or A Seat At the Table.

Hey y’all! I had the absolute honor and privilege to shoot an Easter themed shoot with some amazing creative women of color last month! I remember getting an email from Mimi of The Tiny Tassel and almost deleting it because nobody emails me. I realized it was a legit email and was wonderfully surprised. Very rarely (that I’ve witnessed here in Charleston) are women of color brought together to collaborate. It seems like there’s an unwritten rule of competition where someone’s vying to be the special snowflake. I hope you read all the way into that metaphor.

It was refreshing to be a part of something that was celebratory of women of color. It was all very supportive and uplifting–something a lot of people wouldn’t want you to believe. We shared our stories, our frustrations, our goals, so many other things and we encouraged and vowed to support each other. This what what I’ve been missing and what I feel we need more of.

With that in mind, I decided to stop procrastinating and work on a networking event for black women bloggers and entrepreneurs. These relationships need to be nurtured and expounded upon to show unity and a real commitment to community over competition. This was the first step in creating our own opportunities and now I’m taking the next. Charleston Black Girl Bloggers Brunch (@chsblackgirlbloggersbrunch) is coming soon and if you’re interested in sponsoring or hosting us, please feel free to email me.


Venue: #hamptonpark
Photography: @anerisphotos
Event design/coordination : @papermeetspearl
Tablescape: @westelmcharleston
Attire/Jewelry: @thetinytassel
Calligraphy: @hatchcovedesigns
Dessert: @swank_desserts
Florals: @wearepetaloso
Rentals: @snyderevents
Makeup: @rheajmua
Catered Foods: @sob_catering
Cocktails: @Sociologiewine
Bloggers: @xoxoijoelle


Hey y’all! In February I had the chance to collaborate with Kristen of Cats in My Closet and Holly (aka Dandy Byrd) of Dandy Boutique. The opportunity came to me at a great time, as I was already thinking of a way to work with both of those ladies. It all came together so quickly, yet perfectly as it coincided with Holly’s blog for skirt! magazine.


Although I was excited to do the shoot, I was more excited to make these new connections. I’d reviewed Dandy for my fabuless boutique of the week segment and had actually met Holly a few months later. She was so sweet and open to collaboration! I met Kristen at a Charleston Blog Society meetup at Indigo Market and after talking to her, I knew she’d be super cool to work with.

I’d actually asked if she’d be open to a collaboration prior to this and she agreed. The issue was that not every brand or boutique is open to working with small bloggers. While we were all thinking of what to do, Kristen threw the idea out of working with Holly. It was early February and we were thinking Valentine’s Day, but Dandy already had an event planned. She proposed doing something for her blog.

There was no way I could say no! It was a chance to reach a larger audience–almost like an introduction into society. That’s the saying, right? A coming out a la debutantes and cotillion. Dandy provided the wardrobe, Stephanie V. Stein would be working camera magic, Angela Concepcion of Charleston Flower Girl provided a gorge floral arrangement, and Shiquan Lincoln of Beauty by Shi worked wonders on my face. I was ready for my closeup!

The best part was getting to know Kristen and Holly better. We genuinely talked and laughed and forged new relationships and created the hashtag ‘chsbloggerbesties!’ This was something that would’ve initially scared me senseless in the past. I probably would have found ways to get out of it because #anxiety. I think what was helpful was planning it and working with such great people.

This was an opportunity that I had honestly hoped would come to fruition this year. More visibility and opportunities were things that I’d put on my vision board and aside from this, I have another opportunity coming up this month. I’m proud of myself for embracing my introverted awkwardness and not letting it limit me. More great things are on the horizon for me, so stay tuned!

Read Holly’s blog here and see more pics from our shoot!