Hey y’all! I’m generally a fan of things made locally and when I found out a few years ago that there was a local brand of sunglasses, I knew I wanted to find a way to work with them. Nectar sunnies are sold at almost every local boutique, but they’ve also got a national reach. To say that they were born right in the low country seems like an accomplishment for us all. A success story you can get behind and feel a sense of pride for.

I reached out to Nectar for a product sponsorship for Charleston Black Girl Bloggers Brunch and although they couldn’t meet my initial request, they were kind enough to send me a fabulous pair of sunnies. My goal was to get a look and a photographer and really style the house down with them, but circumstances arose. Although I couldn’t go with my initial plan, I decided to take control with my own amateur hands. 

I took a gritty approach and brought Nectar to the concrete jungle. A temperamental neighborhood in the North Central side of Charleston. I would say away from tourists and gentrification, but I literally live in a hood between Revelry Brewing and Lewis Barbecue…so there’s that. 

I’m wearing Fetch–and yes, we’re totes making Fetch happen–and aside from the unique style, the color really stands out. They’re super light weight, the lenses are scratch resistant, and as someone with an astigmatism and eye strain I don’t have to take them off or struggle to see things on the road on an extremely sunny day. You know what I’m talking about!

They have 100% UV protection and are glare resistant. What else could you ask for? Oh wait, there is more–each purchase of a pair of Nectar sunnies goes to repopulating honey bees (I guess that’s cool, even though they’re my natural enemy), there’s full UVA and UVB blockage (woot woot!), and they will replace them for life because they are the coolest motherfunkers on the planet!

I’m not sure what else you need as a reason to head on over to their website to start piling up your carts. Their sunnies are awesome, their cause is awesome, their locale is awesome, they know you’re super rough on sunnies and back them for life–I mean, come on! You must not like quality or compassion or general, all around good peopleness. Just go on and check them out! Tell them I sent you! It might just mean something!

Sunnies: Nectar // Earrings: The Tiny Tassel // Hat: Aviate 


looks for less: Hollister

Hey y’all! Hope you took some time to check out River Island yesterday and found some good stuff at some good prices! Today I’m going to do something different with Hollister. Don’t roll your eyes just yet!

I know that your first impression is the strong waft of cologne wafting out of a dark and loud hole. Believe me, I know all about it. My first job out of college was a manager-in-training at Hollister. I made it up to visual manager and bounced. I’m not going to get into why, but I will say I learned a lot about fits and worked on my detailing skills.

Now that online shopping has tanked a lot of brands and brick and mortar stores, Hollister has humbled themselves and stepped away from their elitist, exclusionary ways and have found themselves in an “ain’t too proud to beg” position. They actually have sales and they have them regularly.

Another thing you probably think of about this brand is tween/teen central. Yes, it’s a draw for the “be home by 10” crowd; but, it’s a good place to try styles or trends you don’t want to spend too much money on. They usually have a $20 denim sale a few times a year, so legging, jeggings, colors, high rise, low rise–that’s the time to try them out.

And if you happen to find a style you like, their jeans really don’t cost more than $60. They’ve got some fun tees to wear under sweaters or to just throw on that you should probably wait until they go on sale to buy because the quality is rather…meh. Their outerwear–real coats and parkas are good quality and now’s the time to grab them up (up to 60% off right now).

What I want to do is get into what a lot of us probably already do, which is wearing your boyfriend’s clothes. They’re comfy and soft and there’s the oversized look that we love. A lot of brands have boyfriend jeans that give us a little of the oversized look without being oversized. That’s cool, but men’s jeans are just more comfy. Despite most, like Hollister, having button flys. Several buttons…which isn’t the most ideal when you really have to go!

But I digress. Want to try the boyfriend look without depriving your boy of his most beloved pieces? Head to Hollister and take advantage of their clearance prices! Their men’s sizes start at XS and run to XL. Look at this outfit I put together:

Hollister cardigan (sold out)- $25, flannel shirt– $21.99, straight leg jeans– $21.99; Sole Society tassled bootie– $50; C21 fringed tassel tote– $35; Vera Bradley triple coin bangles– $25; silicone watch– $36; River Island earrings (sold out)- $7.51; Abbot cuff– $29; three layered charm necklace– $21; embellished cage rings– $4.20

The base of this outfit (sweater, jeans, shirt) costs about $70. I went with a mix of bangles and bracelets and rings to add a feminine and bohemian touch to the fit. I’d suggest rolling or scrunching up the jeans and maybe even the sleeves. Style is about what touches you bring to an outfit–how you wear it and never letting it wear you. Booties or heels are great with this, but UGGs would add to the California boho vibe. I added a dark lip to make it a little more chic. 

This is my take on the boyfriend style, but with jeans and tops at $20 I’m sure you’ll find ways to spice it up!

Enjoy the deals!

looks for less: River Island 

Hey y’all! I think I’m going to get back into some looks for less this week. It’s my hope to touch on a different retailer a day and talk shopability and some budgeted looks. Sound good?

Usually when I’m only Polyvore, a lot of River Island pieces find their way into my line of sight. I didn’t know much about River Island except for Rihanna doing a collaboration with them once. I’ve heard plus size blogger Stephanie Yeboah aka Nerd About Town tweet about their plus size line and that’s honestly about it. One day I decided to look them up for myself.

Am I the only person who shops the sale section first? Well, I do. I really liked what I saw! Petite, Regular, and Plus Size all together and the same pieces were generally available in each size set. The same bomber jacket was available in P, R, and PS. It’s very rare, in my experience, to see that. 

Their clothes are generally on trend and the quality seems rather good. Personally, I’d rather wait on certain items to go on sale instead of paying full price. It feels like the higher end H&M in a sense. A lot of their sale prices are extremely reasonable and sometimes shocking. From $120 to $30? I’ll take it! 

They have a lot more plus size pieces on sale and it’s nice stuff! There were times that I was upset that I couldn’t find the regular size version because it was so nice! Needless to say, River Island is definitely worth a few hours of browsing and shopping. You could get a decent outfit for $100 in the sale section. 

Y’all. River Island is popping! I have no idea how I’ve not known about this line for so long! So what I’ve done it picked some plus size pieces from the sale section and put together an outfit that could be casual or dressy–just change up the shoes.

River Island camo sequined bomber jacket– $19 and cold shoulder dress– $30; Puma Fierce Core trainers– $90; Charlotte Russe metallic quilted crossbody bag– $13.29; Spring Street metal bangles– $22; Charter Club Rose Gold Drop earrings– $19.50. The outfit without the sneakers comes to about $103.70–but the important pieces, the jacket and dress, are $49 combined! Hello?! That’s a steal!

I told y’all River Island was popping! 

look fabuless challenge: Rachel

Hello Ladies,
My name is Rachel! I own a small online boutique called Demure! I started blogging to get in front of more people and to show them how wearable my pieces really are!! I’m very new to the blogging community – just 4 weeks in, and I already feel so welcome! Especially when there are other bloggers out there, like Nikki, that are so willing to go out of their way to feature others!!  

My outfit this week is a very versatile layered look, and with the exception of my shoes, it can all be found at my boutique, for under $100!!  

I am a huge neutrals advocate, because anyone can wear them! They are also so chic, and aren’t so trendy that you can’t wear them again next year!! 

Turquoise is my favorite pop-of-color, but since this outfit is completely neutral, if your favorite pop-of-color is hot pink, then that can easily fit with this outfit as well!!

I also love a good layered look, because in the South, “Winter” can feel like frost bite in the morning and July in the afternoon. Being able to remove outer pieces when necessary can be a huge benefit to any #ootd 🙂

I really hope you find this look very versatile and wearable!! Details with links below:

Outfit Details:

LEGGINGS – Demure – HERE ($20)

SHIRT – Demure – HERE ($32)

SWEATER – Demure – HERE ($34)

NECKLACE – Unknown (So I’ve linked similar ones) – HERE ($15), HERE ($38), and HERE ($12)

product review: glossier boy brow and balm dot com 

Hey y’all! I’ve never done this before, but this is my very first product review. Because my skin is and has been at its absolute worst the last few years, I try not to wear too much makeup. I got out into the world acne scarred and self conscious and some times I just want some thing to help ease that anxiety. As a natural over thinker, I always wonder what people think of me when they see my face or when I walk into a blogger event and everyone is done up and I’m not. 

On my worse days it gets to me, but on most days I do okay. One thing that used to make me feel better about it all was having my eyebrows waxed. They’d be waxed so perfectly that I felt made up when I wasn’t. I had to stop getting my brows waxed when I noticed how much they were starting to thin out. The tail ends are taking their extra slow time to recover, but the bases are generally back and thick.

On occasion, I’ll clean them up so they don’t look too bad. I’d even use the clear brow set from MAC to keep them in place, but it just doesn’t seem like enough. Being a loyal podcast listener, I’d heard about Glossier from The Friend Zone and Neck of the Woods–maybe even The Read, but most memorably from Fran of The Friend Zone.

One day I decided to look them up and I got so enamored by their skin care line that I was tempted to buy it. I had to stop myself because I tend to get my hopes up and spend money on what seems surefire and end up screwed. Their skincare line looks absolutely amazing, but I doubt it’ll work on my extremely troubled skin. I refocused on Boy Brow.

Boy Brow is a pomade and it comes in 3 different shades. Glossier boasts it to be “our all-in-one brow fluffer, filler, and shaper.” They’re not wrong. It comes in a little tube (which shocked me for $16), but it gets the job done. I’m not exactly versed in the art of drawing, filling, concealing and all that other stuff so this is right up my alley.

This is the only picture I’m comfortable with showing of my use of the products. It’s subtle and that’s mainly why I like it.

I’m still getting the hang of it; applying most to my base to brush the hairs into place and some to the tail to complete the look. I’m not heavy handed because of how small the tube is and the price, but 2-3 strokes gets me a good looking brow. It’s just neat and a little more pronounced and that’s all I really want.

The Balm Dot Com is boasted by Glossier as “a hydrating, long-lasting, do-everything skin salve that’s packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish and repair dry, irritated skin.” I opted for the cherry flavored version as it would give a slight tint and make me feel a little dressed up. It’s long lasting, but you’ve gotta remember to wipe or reapply a little or you’ll get that white filmy stuff when you open your mouth. Totally, well probably, not them but a lack of attention to how long you’re wearing product. 

Overall, I’m very very pleased with these purchases. I’ll definitely be reordering when the time comes. These products were easy to use and feel natural. Who knows, maybe I’ll venture over to their skincare products in the future. But as for now, I highly recommend Boy Brow and Balm Dot Com! I hope this review was helpful if you’ve been on the fence about making a purchase. If it helps a little more, you get a pink bubble pouch and some cool stickers with your purchase! 

Who doesn’t love stickers?! You’re missing out, Buddy!