Hey y’all! I’m generally a fan of things made locally and when I found out a few years ago that there was a local brand of sunglasses, I knew I wanted to find a way to work with them. Nectar sunnies are sold at almost every local boutique, but they’ve also got a national reach. To say that they were born right in the low country seems like an accomplishment for us all. A success story you can get behind and feel a sense of pride for.

I reached out to Nectar for a product sponsorship for Charleston Black Girl Bloggers Brunch and although they couldn’t meet my initial request, they were kind enough to send me a fabulous pair of sunnies. My goal was to get a look and a photographer and really style the house down with them, but circumstances arose. Although I couldn’t go with my initial plan, I decided to take control with my own amateur hands. 

I took a gritty approach and brought Nectar to the concrete jungle. A temperamental neighborhood in the North Central side of Charleston. I would say away from tourists and gentrification, but I literally live in a hood between Revelry Brewing and Lewis Barbecue…so there’s that. 

I’m wearing Fetch–and yes, we’re totes making Fetch happen–and aside from the unique style, the color really stands out. They’re super light weight, the lenses are scratch resistant, and as someone with an astigmatism and eye strain I don’t have to take them off or struggle to see things on the road on an extremely sunny day. You know what I’m talking about!

They have 100% UV protection and are glare resistant. What else could you ask for? Oh wait, there is more–each purchase of a pair of Nectar sunnies goes to repopulating honey bees (I guess that’s cool, even though they’re my natural enemy), there’s full UVA and UVB blockage (woot woot!), and they will replace them for life because they are the coolest motherfunkers on the planet!

I’m not sure what else you need as a reason to head on over to their website to start piling up your carts. Their sunnies are awesome, their cause is awesome, their locale is awesome, they know you’re super rough on sunnies and back them for life–I mean, come on! You must not like quality or compassion or general, all around good peopleness. Just go on and check them out! Tell them I sent you! It might just mean something!

Sunnies: Nectar // Earrings: The Tiny Tassel // Hat: Aviate 


paying style homage

Hey y’all! It’s no secret that I am truly captivated by Nicole Richie. I’ve been inspired by her story and loved watching her grow from bad girl to boss babe. Her style has evolved her from fast and trendy to everlasting, fashion forward bohemian chic goddess. One of my most favorite looks of hers is one that’s extremely simple, but styled to perfection. It’s one that she’s truly made her own.


One thing that I’ve always wanted to do, but never had a rhyme or reason for was to create this look. With the help of Jennifer Collins, I brought the look to life in my own way. It’s a chance to pay homage to one of my style icons and a chance to improve and perfect upon my own look. Enjoy!

Tights: h&m; Sunnies: forever 21; Booties: nine west

bringing a little BK to CHS

Hey y’all! So, remember my last post about my pre-black Friday finds? Therein I said that I should show the entire outfit put together? Photo shoot style? Well, I accomplished a goal! I had my own solo photo shoot with the amazingly talented Jennifer Collins!

It was a crazy and windy day on the waterfront, but we managed to make magic and make a part of downtown Charleston look like a little slice of Brooklyn. The greatest feat accomplished was that as a person who’s always cold, I didn’t show it! I sniffled a time or two, but I didn’t let the weather faze me. I was strong and confident and Jennifer made me look amazing! 

Get outfit details here and here!


Selfie Queen in Training

Hey y’all! I know I’ve been MIA for awhile, but since the Hurricane Matthew evacuation excursion I’ve been trying to pull things back together. Things are fine here and are slowly falling in place again. I’ve fallen into a bit of a funk and it’s been kinda hard to focus on blogging, so forgive me. It’s a balancing game with work and blogging and I’ve slipped up, but I’m trying to be more proactive.

I’ve wanted to teach myself how to take my own pictures for some of my posts so I found a tripod and a remote and a photo app for my iPhone. I usually do my blogging related stuff on Sunday, so after a trip to Starbucks I headed a little further down to Waterfront Park. It was such a nice day and the colors of the foliage were just great. It became a great back drop.

This is my first attempt and I’m sure I went overboard with some features and I could’ve improved on my camera’s positioning, but it’s all a learning experience. In retrospect, I went about it super casually because I was trying to break out of the fear of undue attention. Slowly but surely I’ll get there. There’s always another chance this weekend.

Here’s my finished product:

BTW, I got that cute blush colored blazer from the H&M in Charlotte for $20! The tee and palm tree necklace are Forever 21, the jeans are Juicy Couture, the kicks are UGG, my other 2 necklaces are from Stox&Co. 😊✌🏾️


the fabuless edition: what i wore

Hey y’all! Just a quick update to show off what I wore this weekend. Also, just letting you in on some changes to come here. I’m expanding my content to life and style! So, there will still be ‘what I wore,’ ‘the look fabuless challenge,’ ‘fabuless boutique of the week,’ and style inspiration posts but I’m going to include the struggle. I’ve already toyed around with the layout and I hope you like it, but it’s about to get really real around this here blog.

And without interruption I present what I wore this weekend.

My iris blue Marlowe boatneck Lilly Pulitzer dress and I hit King Street for Second Sunday. I got this darling dress for $39 during the massive Lilly Pulitzer sale a few weeks ago. I paired it with my dainty gold necklaces from Stox&Co and my gold sandals from Forever 21 and a few Alex&Ani bangles. 

I hope y’all enjoyed your weekends and I hope you enjoy what’s to come for lookfabuless