What I’m Wearing: Nautical Inspired

Hey y’all! Can you sense the theme here? Yep, I went nautical! I love nautical themes and anchors and stripes! Though, I’m not a fan of small stripes that are put together so closely. They make me dizzy and honestly, my top is an example of that.

I didn’t even iron this shirt thoroughly because I got dizzy 😒 and I’m sure you’re wondering why I bought it in the first place. Because it was cuteC that’s why! From far away I was good, but up close is when the discomfort happens. I don’t look down at my shirt, so I’m usually good that way.

Here’s a better look at my top–it was hard getting a decent shot at a distance without it looking like a psychedelic blur 😂

This striped ruffle top and cocoa brown slacks are both from The Limited. I’ve had the top for several years now, but I got the slacks over the holidays. Normally priced around $80, I got them for half. That’s why is important to utilize coupons and sales! I got the slacks and a sweater for like $85!

The slacks are from the Lexi collection and the fit is curvy with room in the hips and thighs supposedly. The only thing I honestly dislike about these pants are all the buttons–three down the front and one one the inside. It’s unnecessary and a bit inconvenient, but they’re good in the inseam so I’m content. 

My anchor bracelet is from Icing by Claire’s and I got it a year or two ago when one of the stores here was going out of business. This is my first time wearing it. I’ve been hoping to find some similar earrings, but no such luck yet. Other than that, Alex&Ani on the other wrist and Juicy Couture in the ears.

FYI, The Limited is having a sale! Go stock up! 😉 Enjoy your day!

–Nikki ❤️


What I’m Wearing: A Pop of Color

Hey y’all! Today’s outfit is very simple and a mix of low and moderate price points. I tend to invest more into slacks than anything else because it’s pretty darn hard to find a pair of pants that fit right–especially if you’re in the gym and building muscle mass in your thighs or legs. These slacks are my absolute favorite and I hope to God Express doesn’t change this formula!

They are classic Editor pants and they honestly fit better than any other pair of slacks I’ve ever owned. The only downside is that I can’t find them in store and I don’t think they come in any colors other than gray and black. I have both and I’d gladly buy several more in the same color. I have a small waist and long legs, so my pants can be a bit short.

These are the only slacks that fit right in the waist and the inseam. No high waters here! I know you’re probably thinking “well why not just buy pants in long lengths?” and here’s why I don’t–I’m not that tall! I’m average height at 5’5″. Long length pants have so much fabric at the bottom that I can walk on them and my feet would never get dirty.

A lot of people think Express to be too pricey, but they’ve ALWAYS got coupons circulating. Editor pants are about $79-$80 and are well worth it! If you get 2 pairs and get a coupon that might take off $50 or $60 you’ll essentially get 2 pairs of pants for around the cost of 1. They’re also a great investment for work and interviews!

My top is from H&M and it was $10. I essentially ignored this shirt for a few months, but decided to pick it up. It’s very flattering, but next time I think I’ll get a small instead of an extra small. It’s a bit snug in the arms, but it has a little stretch to it so it’s tolerable. I love the vibrant and subtle mix of color and pattern. 

Accessories are twisted hoops from Juicy Couture, bangles from Alex&Ani, and sandals from Old Navy. I told y’all this was a simple one! 😉

–Nikki ❤️

Must See TV

Hey y’all! Remember back in the early 90’s when the real Must See TV was every Thursday night on NBC when The Cosby Show and A Different World were on? It was a different time back then. We were all actually at home as a family watching family friendly TV.

Despite how much old Bill Cosby has screwed himself over we can’t deny the impact he had on our lives through the aforementioned television shows. Almost everyone I know (in my generation) went to college AND chose an HBCU because of A Different World. HBCU is an acronym for Historically Black College and/or University and I’m proud to say that I’m a graduate of one.

Trust me, I’m going somewhere fashion forward with this. From the late 80’s to the mid 90’s we watched Hillman students come of age. We wanted to attend Hillman until we were old enough to discover that it didn’t exist. No matter what HBCU we attended Hillman was always in our hearts. It was and still is America’s HBCU. We all wanted a piece of that history for ourselves and someone decided to help us attain it. 

Hillman Bookstore is one of my favorite independent apparel businesses. It has t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, glasses, and sunglasses all from the Cosby (and even the Murphy) golden era. With items inspired by Hillman, the Huxtables, even Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming to America,’ and the ever enlightened Malcolm X there’s something for everyone who wants to commemorate our slice of Americana. 

   My first purchase from the Hillman Bookstore was this gray and maroon tee. I love it and its resistance to wrinkles!

 I graduated to this maroon and white Hillman soccer jersey that fits perfectly and also hates wrinkles LOL
   Today I wore my brand new Huxtable Family Reunion tee! Honestly, I thought they were my family for awhile when I was younger 😂 I have no idea why. Talk about a bummer when I realized they were fictional 😒

 Here’s a better look at the family reunion tee. If you’re interested in keeping up with the Hillman Bookstore, you can always visit their site or follow them on Instagram: @hillmanshirts or like them on Facebook: Hillman Bookstore.

–Nikki ❤️ 

What I’m Wearing: All Black Everything 

Hey y’all! Friday is almost here! Aren’t you excited? I’m particularly excited because I got some good news today as I have a potential wardrobe consulting client! That makes me so happy! Just when I was wishing someone would give me a chance, she popped up! I’m gonna do her proud 😉

Today’s outfit is a first for me–I never wear all black. Dark colors like this get linty on me quickly so I just avoid buying and wearing them. I have no idea what made me put this outfit together, but I like it. It’s very chic!

The top is a size too big and I just kept it because I like the drapey off the shoulder look. It’s from Juicy Couture and I also have it in burgundy. I got it a few years ago and it was $19.99. My slacks are classic Editor pants from Express.

These slacks are my favorite as they’re the right length and the overall fit is perfect. Well, it was until I started working out and my thighs started getting bigger. I thought I was just putting on weight, but my waist is still the same size. It’s just hard to pull things over my thighs 😒 I guess it’s time to seriously invest in a seamstress. 

The bangles features are from Forever 21. My trusty old Alex&Ani bangles are on my other arm and I’m wearing my usual Juicy Couture lariat necklace. I’m not focusing on my shoes because if had them for years and this was my second time wearing them and the darn shoes started falling apart! 😂

I can’t make this up! I had to run to my local Tanger Outlet on my break to find a replacement. I figure since I’m replacing a pair of shoes I might as well get ones I like instead of a quick pair. I ended up getting a pair of sandals from Old Navy.

Nothing fancy and they were on sale for $11 even though they were in the clearance section falsely 😑. This post is late because of the lunch time shoe run and some after work stuff, but I got it in! I’m trying and succeeding (so far)!

Well, thanks for letting me share and I hope you enjoyed!

–Nikki ❤️ 

What I’m Wearing: Color Mixing

Hey y’all! A little late post today, but as long as I have something to post about I’m going to do it. I’m trying to fight procrastinating, but I’ll get around to it eventually LOL! I’m trying and that should count for something, right? I’m new to blogging like this and sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming to think about what to post and how it’ll be received. I have to remind myself that although my blog’s purpose is to be helpful, it’s still something that I’m doing for myself.

I’m doing something that I want to do, that combines thing that I feel I’m good at, and if it helps someone then I’ve really accomplished something. It helps me feel fulfilled and that’s one of the best feelings in the world. So far, I’m glad that enough of you like what I’m posting so much that you’ve decided to follow me and for that I’m thankful! 

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what I’m wearing 🙂

My outfit today is easy and breezy–summer time and Southern chic! My top is from Express, it was $15, and I also have it in white. It’s soft and you can wear the sleeves rolled up or down. My cropped boyfriend pants are from Old Navy, they were either $15 or $20, and I also have a pair with anchors on them! My loafers are Steve Madden via Dillard’s and I think they’re pretty fun!

These shoes go with just about everything and they’re super comfortable. They were $50 and I’m still on the hunt to find another pair like them. I feel like I lucked out when I found them 😊! My accessories are the usual suspects: Juicy Couture and Alex&Ani.

Thanks for letting me share with you!

–Nikki ❤️