What I’m Wearing: Graphic Tank and Jeans

Hey y’all! It’s Friday and I’m looking forward to staying in bed this weekend. This week has seemed super long even with the three day weekend 😕 However, I’ve been having some good hair days and that’s made things feel better! 😊 

I plan my outfits the night before, but I really wasn’t in a mood to get super dressed up–plus, it’s pretty warm outside and I really don’t like wearing a lot when the weather’s nice.

Today’s outfit is from Forever 21–tank and jeans, Hollister–racerback layering tanks, Toms–shoes, and Juicy Couture–accessories. The jeans were between $7.80 and $10.80, tank was probably $15.80, shoes were $50, everything else is super old.

Hope y’all enjoy the weekend!

–Nikki ❤️ 


What I’m Wearing: Peplum Tee and Statement Necklace 

Hey y’all! Today is the first day in what seems like a very long time that I’ve gotten to do something different with my hair! And with great hair comes great accessories! 


I popped the tags on my $10 cotton short sleeve peplum top from the GAP and paired it with a pair of $7.80 skinny ankle jeans that I rolled up from Forever 21 and I threw on my cute gray flower statement necklace that I found a few years ago at Dillard’s. I’m wearing the same Michael Kors jelly thong sandals from yesterday (also from Dillard’s) and honestly these shoes and my necklace are the most expensive parts of my outfit. I think the necklace might’ve cost me $30.

There you have it, my great hair day with my cute outfit, and my snazzy accessory–all together this outfit is probably a little less than $80. If you really like this peplum top, I got it from the GAP on Monday. It was on clearance with an extra 40% off! 😉

–Nikki ❤️ 

What I’m Wearing: Love/Hate Bodycon Skirt

Hey y’all! I’ve been feeling pretty yucky lately and I wasn’t able to show off my cute, comfortable, and fabuless casual outfit yesterday. But, I’m feeling a bit better and feeling pretty cute so I’m gonna show it off!

The racerback tank, Love/Hate pencil skirt, and leaf necklace are from Forever 21 and even though I’ve had them at least a year, I remember the skirt being $4. I think the tank was $7.80 and I’m pretty sure the necklace was $3.80. I got the black thong jelly Michael Kors sandals last year from Dillard’s and they were a few dollars shy of $30! The shawl collar cardigan is also from Dillard’s and I’ve had it for YEARS, though very sure it wasn’t expensive.

So, there you have it! My cute ootd! 😉

–Nikki ❤️

Post Memorial Day

Hey y’all, hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! Maybe you spent time with family and friends intimately or maybe you went out and took advantage of the weather. Whatever you did, I hope you made the best of it. 

I spent the day out and about in the streets of Charleston. I started my day in Mt. Pleasant’s Towne Center where I took advantage of Old Navy’s buy one get one free shorts sale. I then had to talk myself out of the Lily Pulitzer section of Belk’s. That was the point where I knew I had to leave the entire shopping center because broke. I can to browse, not break my entire broken anyway bank.

I went down on King Street to see what Forever 21 and H&M had to offer. I need a blouse to go with a gold sequin skirt, but both stores were so cluttered that I couldn’t concentrate. I ended up with 2 of Forever 21’s basic v-neck tees and nothing from H&M. I did get a short sleeved peplum top from the clearance section of the GAP.

It wasn’t really about buying anything for me, but just getting out and being productive when I’d normally be inside at work or at home. It felt nice to just walk around and enjoy the weather and the sights even if I didn’t do the typical beach thing. 

Anyway, here’s my haul:

Old Navy–buy one get one free shorts , roughly $23   

Forever 21–$3.80 each  
Hope you guys racked up at those sales yesterday, too!

–Nikki ❤️ 

Wardrobe Building 101

The White Button Down Blouse

A simple white blouse could be the most versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. It can be dressed up in a suit, paired with slacks or a skirt, and even dressed down with a pair of jeans or shorts. There’s seemingly no wrong way to wear a white blouse.

Since The Limited is having a really good sale, I decided to pull some pieces from their site for examples.

The Essential Shirt:


Dress it up with a suit and heels:


A pencil skirt and heels:

7374536_250_1 AIKEN_RED_1589

Slacks and heels:

6935351_250_1 SHER_TAUPE_BLACK_0115

Dress it down with jeans and flats:

8454846_235_1 mara_natural

Shorts and sandals:

6102531_858_1 SARENA_NEUTRAL_BLACK_0126

Accessories can make or break an outfit, so with the Essential shirt I’d more than likely stick with a short necklace–could be as simple as a solitaire type piece or more a more advanced statement piece. I’d wear studs or small hoop earrings, too–depending on the necklace; statement necklace would call for simple studs, but with a simple solitaire type necklace I’d go for the hoops and the size could vary with hoops depending on your hairstyle.

As previously stated, these pieces are all from The Limited but you can find dupes anywhere. I’d probably try H&M if you’re looking for a less expensive suit. The shoes are all pulled from The Sole Society. These are just pieces to get your creative juices flowing. This is just how I’d wear the basic white button down blouse and is representative of my style. If y’all have any other ways to wear it, I’d love to see  and show you off–e-mail me at lookfabuless@gmail.com!

–Nikki ❤️