I’ve Been Thinking

Hey y’all! I’ve really been contemplating a career in personal styling and shopping lately and I think the best way to get experience and material for my blog is by reaching out to you guys.

I’m willing to lend my eye, my time, and my talent for free from now until August 17th. So, if you need help shopping, putting together outfits, or rebuilding your wardrobe/closets–I’m available.

I understand that a lot of you aren’t in the Charleston tri-county area, so FaceTime and Skype options are available. If you’re serious about taking me up on this offer, e-mail me at lookfabuless@gmail.com.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

–Nikki ❤️ 


What I’m Wearing: Ralph Lauren 

Disclaimer: I know I suffer from RBF (resting bitch face). When I’m thinking I’m smizing for my life à la Tyra Banks, I’m actually just looking über mad. <insert Kanye shrug here> Sorry.

So–hey y’all! Today’s outfit is a budgeting girl’s miracle. I went out yesterday to get my car washed and since it was such a nice day I decided to walk around my local Tanger Outlet. My initial reason for going was to visit Old Navy to find out if they had any workout gear on sale. I ended up in the Ralph Lauren store.

I normally don’t go anywhere near Ralph Lauren because broke, but I just went in on a whim. They had lots of stuff on clearance, but that usually boils down to stuff I still can’t afford. I came across a $19.99 knit polo and I started to feel pretty good about this trip.

All of their knit polos were marked down to $19.99–that’s in my price range. I can work with that. They had jeans on clearance, but I wasn’t very optimistic about finding my size or my price. Uh, jeggings for $19.99? Yeah, Ralph Lauren and I are rocking awfully hard right now. 

After a session of fitting room cardio where I fought my way into the jeans and had a lackluster encounter with sales people who believed that a size 26 (waist) was the equivalent of a size 6 😕, I walked away with a pair of jeggings and a super cute boat neck tee. I didn’t get the polo because they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted. 

Boat neck top: $26 (it was 40% off), jeggings: $19.99, the snow leopard Tom’s and pearls from Claire’s are not new. All in all, this outfit was about $45. 

–Nikki ❤️ 

Chicks in Kicks…and dresses

Sneakers worn with dresses is certainly not a new thing, but with so many different ways to combine the two it’s become a lot more fun to do. I own three pairs of sneakers–1 for the gym and 2 pairs of Jordan Flight Origins–and though I’m not a true Sneakerhead, I appreciate the flair they bring to an outfit.

I think I look to celebrities Rihanna and Tracee Ellis Ross when I’m thinking of dressing up sneakers because they do it so effortlessly. 


It’s natural to draw inspiration from others, but you have to stay true to your own sense of style. If the TER and Rih-Rih examples are a bit too much for you, here’s a way to put together basic pieces you may already have and still look chic. 

This is me–in a very cluttered room, so let’s hold off on the judgment m’kay–a few months ago sporting a simple $10 midi dress, a scarf, and a pair of Jordans. The shoes are the most expensive part of the ensemble and sometimes you just have to splurge on certain things.

Recreating this look is very easy and here are some pieces to get you started: 

Classic midi dress $12.90, Forever 21


Nike Women’s Genico Print  Casual Sneakers $54.98 sale price, Macy’s


Women’s Denim Jacket $32 sale price, Old Navy

Crinkle Infinity Scarf $14.99, Target 

This does total over $100, but with an idea in mind you now have the tools you need to make this look your own. If you’re a chick who loves kicks with dresses and you want to share your look, email me at lookfabuless@gmail.com

–Nikki ❤️ 

What I’m Wearing: Maxi Skirt

Today’s outfit is nothing new. I’ve had each of these pieces for maybe 2 years and I swear to you, my entire outfit including accessories costs no more than $65

The skirt and tank and bangles are from Forever 21, the coverup is from Charlotte Russe, the belt is from Wet Seal.

If you’re wanting to recreate this simple outfit, you just need a high waisted maxi skirt, a basic tank, and a light weight sweater or shawl. Charlotte Russe has a 40% off 1 item promotional going and it’d help towards the cost of some of their better quality maxi skirts. 

Hope this helps someone needing outfit inspiration or just looking for different ways to style things they already have

–Nikki ❤️

What I’m Wearing: Soft Pant and High Neck Tank

Hey Y’all! Today’s outfit comes from Old Navy! I have a love-hate relationship with Old Navy because their pants are usually all cut weirdly or nothing in sized the same. I remember exchanging the same 2 pairs of boyfriend cropped chinos nearly 4 times because the 0s were a bit too fitted and the 2s were a bit loose. I ended up sticking with the 2s. 😒

To this day, buying pants from Old Navy has been something I’ve avoided heavily. But when I saw this ad:

I decided to give in and take a chance. They had several different patterns and a few different styles to choose from. I saw very cute wide leg pants, but knowing that the waist is elastic, they’d probably be pretty short on me. I hate when wide leg pants graze my ankles as they’re supposed to long enough to at least graze the floor.

So, today’s look is from Old Navy and the high neck tank was $6, but the pants were only $12.94 as there was an additional sale on them this past Saturday. The shoes and accessories are not new, but are from my staple stores–Forever 21, Alex & Ani, and Juicy Couture. 

I only spent $18.94 on the top and bottom! The pants are super comfy and are still $19, so if you’re wanting to grab a pair–DO IT NOW!


Happy Shopping!

–Nikki ❤️