Hey y’all! I’m generally a fan of things made locally and when I found out a few years ago that there was a local brand of sunglasses, I knew I wanted to find a way to work with them. Nectar sunnies are sold at almost every local boutique, but they’ve also got a national reach. To say that they were born right in the low country seems like an accomplishment for us all. A success story you can get behind and feel a sense of pride for.

I reached out to Nectar for a product sponsorship for Charleston Black Girl Bloggers Brunch and although they couldn’t meet my initial request, they were kind enough to send me a fabulous pair of sunnies. My goal was to get a look and a photographer and really style the house down with them, but circumstances arose. Although I couldn’t go with my initial plan, I decided to take control with my own amateur hands. 

I took a gritty approach and brought Nectar to the concrete jungle. A temperamental neighborhood in the North Central side of Charleston. I would say away from tourists and gentrification, but I literally live in a hood between Revelry Brewing and Lewis Barbecue…so there’s that. 

I’m wearing Fetch–and yes, we’re totes making Fetch happen–and aside from the unique style, the color really stands out. They’re super light weight, the lenses are scratch resistant, and as someone with an astigmatism and eye strain I don’t have to take them off or struggle to see things on the road on an extremely sunny day. You know what I’m talking about!

They have 100% UV protection and are glare resistant. What else could you ask for? Oh wait, there is more–each purchase of a pair of Nectar sunnies goes to repopulating honey bees (I guess that’s cool, even though they’re my natural enemy), there’s full UVA and UVB blockage (woot woot!), and they will replace them for life because they are the coolest motherfunkers on the planet!

I’m not sure what else you need as a reason to head on over to their website to start piling up your carts. Their sunnies are awesome, their cause is awesome, their locale is awesome, they know you’re super rough on sunnies and back them for life–I mean, come on! You must not like quality or compassion or general, all around good peopleness. Just go on and check them out! Tell them I sent you! It might just mean something!

Sunnies: Nectar // Earrings: The Tiny Tassel // Hat: Aviate 



Hey y’all! I told y’all a few posts back that I participated in a blogger photo series called #holycitychicks. The shoot, styled by Liz of Charleston Weekender and Jennifer Collins (Photography), is a monthly series with a changing theme. This series had us on the pier of Mt. Pleasant’s Waterfront Park showing off goodies from Aviate, Crab&Cleek, and Gold Creations. It was a fun chance to meet new bloggers and show off cool merch! We each also had the opportunity to do our own shots without the merch.

Participants included XOXO, I. Joelle, Thrifty Little Becca, Charleston Blonde, Charleston Brunette, and Attention to Darling. Ain’t we cute?

Let me tell y’all how Mother Nature threw a monkey wrench in my hair game. It rained. The humidity was ruthless. The wind was disrespectful. And I had to fight on a hat. I just gave up and let the elements have their way. Oddly enough, it worked out.

Because I have a major case of RBF, I told Jenn to let me know when to smile. I kinda felt like I should’ve smiled more like every one else, but when I saw my pics–Jenn really had me. My face looked great and the subtlety spoke volumes. Loved it!

The first brand I shot was Crab&Cleek. I love their totes–so stylish and durable. Perfect for a day at the Farmer’s Market, running errands, or even a day at the beach. The bag I picked matched my outfit superbly and was adorned with fancy vases. Jenn got really great body and product shots! And peep the tiny bit of my elementary school ballet game!

Next was Gold Creations! I picked the palmetto tree pendant and ring. I love palmetto trees (hello, Palmetto State?!) and was instantly drawn to the set. Liz couldn’t immediately place the earrings and found them after the shoot LOL! But I was still very happy for the set. I feel like my outfit was a perfect one for a day out in Charleston and the jewelry really made it hit home. I wish I could’ve kept them!

Last of the product shots was Aviate. Not too sure about you guys, but I love my Aviate cap! This was my first time wearing it with my hair out, but with this outfit, jewelry, and bag I couldn’t have been more ‘Saturday in Charleston’ if I tried. Well, unless I was wearing Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers–but that’s a whole other story for a different day.

I didn’t change outfits, but I had a slight change of jewelry. I brought my Moon and Lola x Bourbon&Boweties bangles that I’d gotten from Two Cumberland. Liz had brought a fishing pole and since I was dressed for it, I worked the pole! I had no idea how to hold it, but I made it work. 

All in all, I think my first ever photo shoot went extremely well. I can’t wait to do another one. I’m plotting at least one in my head right now for some outfit posts. Is this supposed to be addictive because I just may have a problem! I mean, I just had so much fun and I’ve never really seen myself like this before. It was such a great experience and I’m thankful to Liz and Jenn for having me. Again, I really can’t wait to do another one. So, if anyone out there wants me for a shoot please drop me an email! In the mean time, enjoy a few more shots and please take a minute to visit all the ladies mentioned in this post. Every little click helps!


Staying Trés Chic in WTF Heat 😎

Hey y’all! Allow me a moment to state the obvious–it’s hot! Summertime in Charleston, SC means heat indexes upwards of and over 100 degrees, trips to your local watering holes–be it Sullivan’s, Kiawah, IOP, Folly, Waterfront, Riverfront, or one of the water parks–and staying chic in this third level of wtf heat! Don’t know how to keep it cute in this weather? Don’t worry–Spring and I’ve got you! 

I’m in love with single color tye dye right now and nothing says summer quite like it. It’s usually a light and soft fabric and fairly impossible to go wrong with it. I like to pair it with solids and bohemian pieces. 

Color is definitely key in the summer and I advocate highly for being your bright and summery best at the beach! But, if being too bright(ly colored) isn’t necessarily your jam, then you can turn it down (for what?! STYLE! That’s what you should turn down for. Or not. Whatevs.) with a neutral colored cover up.

Though, you can never go wrong with versions of black and white. Mix print in neutral colors and fabrics and be fabulous in these streets and on these beaches! White eyelet print just screams summer, so instead of a dress try a pair of shorts or a skirt. Even a nice pair of palazzo or wide leg pants in gauzy fabrics or prints would keep you au currant in this heat.

The number one accessory pick for this weather would be–what else?! A HAT! Skin cancer is real, B. Protect your skin in style with a southern girl’s BFF–a big straw hat!

Or, do what’s popping in the Chuck and top off your season fresh ‘fit with a CHS airport code cap from Aviate brand. They come in different colors and look good with just about anything!

There you have it, just a few of my tips and takes on staying fresh and fly at the beach this summer. Thanks to Spring for being a one stop shop for this guide and to Shop South Boutique (the Aviate cap) for the images. Every piece that I chose is super affordable nothing over $100–probably not even over $50–and from brands/retailers (Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, French Connection, LA Hearts, Freyrs Eyewear, Crocs, and Me to We) we know and generally trust. I keep it real and cost effective for y’all!

–nikki ❤️

Two Cumberland 

Hey y’all! I’m back with the fabuless boutique of the week and I’m taking you to the OG Two Cumberland location on King Street.

Two Cumberland is honestly one of my favorite boutiques by far. I love the uniqueness of venturing up those stairs! This is where I bought my Moon&Lola x Bourbon&Boweties bangles that I blogged about here and my Y’ALL t-shirt. So many hidden gems lie in waiting up those stairs and if you’re walking down King Street, you’d miss it in the blink of an eye. Luckily for you, the opened a second location in Mt. Pleasant; however, you’ve got to visit the OG at least once!

They introduced a lot of us to the Aviate brand and Bourbon&Boweties–which is probably their best selling product. They also carry Rewined candles and lots of novel Charleston/Low Country products. I also love that one of the owners sells her own jewelry there as well. It’s all so southern and funky and in the heart of our Tourist Town it’s a wonder that they’re able to keep anything stocked.

I’d honestly never even noticed the clothes in Two Cumberland because I’m always drawn to the accessories, but they’ve got so many cute pieces! Their prices are actually very reasonable for a King Street shop. You can get an on trend tank and a pair of shorts for a bit less than $80. They’ve got tye dye dresses and tops (tye dye is becoming my favorite!) ranging upwards of $80, too. So, it’s very possible to leave with an outfit at or under the $100 mark.

I love the overall flow of this boutique. There’s so much to see and admire, yet it’s not overwhelming. You generally find yourself drawn to certain things or certain parts of the shop. The choice of marketing design is Southern eclectic and just plain great. I mean, beans as a means of display? Come on! #lovesit

Overall, if you haven’t guessed by now, I love Two Cumberland. It’s a great place to find just plain cool and cute stuff. It’s an accessories haven. It’s friggin unique, what else can I say?! Shop both locations, but get the King Street OG experience at least once. You owe it to yourself.

I’m just saying. Do yourself a solid and be a tourist for a little while. Make Two Cumberland one of your first stops.



Hey y’all! fabuless boutique of the week is back and I’m taking you to StyleDwell!

This is the third boutique of this feature, I’d actually written about StyleDwell before. The Charleston Blog Society held its holiday party there back in December and I really enjoyed the ambiance, but it has definitely grown since then. You can read my first take on it here.

The space seems so much bigger now and the selection more refined. Covering fashion, home, and lifestyle StyleDwell is more fabulous than fabuless; however, there are a few things here that won’t break your budget. There’s honestly a seamless mix of high and low; but you always seem to notice the high before you notice the low.

This coral pineapple tank is $22! Y’all know how much I love pineapples and pinks are my favorite! Cool pieces like these are trendy, but not so much so that they can’t become wardrobe staples. It also comes in gray and I’m a little mad that I didn’t buy it! Cute and affordable and an example of what you can walk out of StyleDwell with without getting your counting-every-penny panties in a bunch.

This place is highly splurge worthy. It’s exactly where you’d go when you’ve paid all your bills and your bank account has transformed itself into Tom Haverford and is not so subtly telling you to ‘treat yo’self.’ So, you go and spend an hour and a half in the store debating if you really really want that dress because the price tag is looking at you like ‘I’m out of your league;’ but you’re not gonna get punked by a price tag because you’re a good person and doggone it, you deserve nice things!

Wait. What? I’ve gotten off topic; but, yeah Girl–YOLO. Shopping YOLO.

Splurge example: they carry 7 for all Mankind jeans–need I say more? Here’s a positive to go with that splurge decision: they do free alterations on designer jeans purchases! WIN!

Anyway, StyleDwell is vintage inspired heaven and honestly, there’s a little something for everyone. And they carry local brands like 3 Little Beads, Nectar, Aviate, Ash Hoffman (out of Myrtle Beach) and they’ve still got a few Charleston Strong tees!

StyleDwell is also big in the swimsuit game. They’re the only boutique I’ve seen (thus far) that even has swimwear, but it makes absolute sense since it’s on the route to the Edge of America aka Folly Beach. Chic and adorable bikinis, cover ups, floppy hats, tanks and shorts are all flanked by a modern southern summer decor.

Have I discussed the decor? I mean, this summer section is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s open and flows extremely well. It’s inviting and decorated (or marketed–see what I did there?) so well that you’re drawn right in to the hottest pieces. Ever wonder how people could spend so much time shopping in one store? With StyleDwell, it’s no wonder. It feels like home.

Bright, spacious, moderate, tasteful, on trend, and homey. You can order online, but you’d rather visit the store. If you’re a stylish mom with an equally stylish daughter or if you have a stylish mom, y’all come out on top here. I encountered a woman who came in to shop for her daughter and ended up finding things for herself. Remember when that kind of thing only happened at department stores?

I find it hard to walk in and not find at least one thing you like and even harder to narrow it down to one thing you love. You’ll enjoy shopping here–if not simply for the clothes, then the atmosphere. And if that’s not enough, by the end of your trip you’ll be on a first name basis with Christie the owner. That, in itself, is certainly worth the trip to James Island.

Follow StyleDwell on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

**side note: they get new shipments in on the daily, so it’s super fresh up in there! Give them your monies (after you’ve adulted and adulted responsibly, of course)!**

–nikki ❤️