2018: Life+Style Goals and Improvements

Hey y’all, happy new year!

I’m not a “new year, new me” person but I’m all about improving. It’s been about a year since I’ve knowingly stopped eating meat and this year I’m striving to improve my awareness. I’m also implementing more natural products into my lifestyle. I’ll hopefully be doing more reviews of the natural products I try. I’m not trying to sway anyone to my way of life, but maybe I can answer questions or ease the skepticism of anyone who may be on the fence.

One of the things I hope to accomplish this year is to visit more vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan friendly restaurants in Charleston. I’m all about trying new things, so this should be a fun goal to fulfill. This weekend I visited the new location of one of my favorite places–Dellz on the Macon! Dellz is family owned and operated and has some of the best food I’ve ever had. They serve up a great combination of good, healthy food with robust flavor. It’s feel good food with friends because it’s a small and cozy environment.

Ireana of XOXO, I. Joelle and I had a great meeting over their Dellz Nachos (with meatless meat crumbles).

This was her first time trying Dellz and I think I’ve got her addicted to their fresh, vegan chocolate chip cookies. Those cookies are honestly heaven on earth!

We also ran into the homie, KJ Kearney, who dropped some real business knowledge. This year needs to be more about coming together, finding, and securing all the bags we can. Shout out to KJ’s mom, Miss Karen, for also putting us on to some new ways to put ourselves out there!

Dellz on the Macon really is full of magic. It’s a melting pot of good food, good music, good people, and good vibes. Pay what you can and pay it forward–they’re all about putting good karma out into the universe. The Macon couldn’t have gained a better new gathering place.

What would this outing and this post be without outfit details? I finally got a chance to break out my new dress from the Tracee Ellis Ross for JC Penney collection! Amazing fit and quality and I’m so sad the collection isn’t permanent! My wardrobe needs more from Tracee!

Dress: TER 4 JCP $34 (currently on a limited time sale $18.99 😱)

Denim Jacket and Bangles: Old Navy (personalized by moi)

Belt Bag and Earrings: Forever 21 $15.80

Boots: Arizona (JCP) $19.99

📸: Ireana Nathan


Maris DeHart

Hey y’all! I’m back with the fabuless boutique of the week and I’m taking you to Maris DeHart! I’d actually visited weeks before the grand opening and fell in love with the space. Those windows–OMG! This locale is perfect!

I love how she hasn’t restricted herself to one thing–she’s art, accessories, home decor–and it’s bomb! The displays play extremely well with the window design and gives the store such great shape and balance. I’m actually using my original pictures instead of any from the grand opening because of space and purity. The purity of a brand new store is beautiful. Alden and her mom just making sure things looked great was what truly stuck out in my mind as an extra level of care and pride. I didn’t take pictures of them actually working because manners.

Shout out to Nashonda Hunter of The Hunter Nash for inviting me to check out the brand. She’s worked extremely hard with Maris to get this boutique up and running and their hard work has truly paid off. Everyone’s buzzing about Maris DeHart and that’s certainly a great thing! Congratulations, Ladies!

(That’s local jewelry in that there case, folks!)

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know the first thing about art, but I could stare at the walls here all day. Not just any art, but the best type of art–the local kind. Local artists of all types fill Maris DeHart. Painters, jewelry makers, handbag designers, clothing designers–a lot of Charleston and surrounding areas like Savannah are available here. I was so pleased to see t-shirts from The Original Charleo Co. in the same space as shopTAXIDERMY! Talk about mixing it up! Congrats to Charleo Co! Also, I love TAXIDERMY! I can’t afford it, but I love looking at it and dreaming!

Because there’s so much fabulessness happening at Maris DeHart, the prices vary. It’s generally very affordable with select items being a little “oh…okay.” But, you pretty much figure that with brands like TAXIDERMY and anything handmade. The clothing, though? Not bad at all. You can put together a lil something something for $100.

The accessories are my favorite at any store, but there are so many cute little bracelets there that an irresponsible me wanted to buy every one of. Responsible me was like, “girl–don’t even.” So, you know I didn’t even. Hey, when I’m right–I’m right. 

What I’m going to do now is give you a little more decor because it goes!

Have you visited the ladies of Maris DeHart yet? Definitely drop by and see what all of Charleston is buzzing about and then dare yourself not to buy anything. You’ll fail, but every one loves a challenge! Right? Go buy stuff.



Hey y’all! fabuless boutique of the week is back and I’m taking you to StyleDwell!

This is the third boutique of this feature, I’d actually written about StyleDwell before. The Charleston Blog Society held its holiday party there back in December and I really enjoyed the ambiance, but it has definitely grown since then. You can read my first take on it here.

The space seems so much bigger now and the selection more refined. Covering fashion, home, and lifestyle StyleDwell is more fabulous than fabuless; however, there are a few things here that won’t break your budget. There’s honestly a seamless mix of high and low; but you always seem to notice the high before you notice the low.

This coral pineapple tank is $22! Y’all know how much I love pineapples and pinks are my favorite! Cool pieces like these are trendy, but not so much so that they can’t become wardrobe staples. It also comes in gray and I’m a little mad that I didn’t buy it! Cute and affordable and an example of what you can walk out of StyleDwell with without getting your counting-every-penny panties in a bunch.

This place is highly splurge worthy. It’s exactly where you’d go when you’ve paid all your bills and your bank account has transformed itself into Tom Haverford and is not so subtly telling you to ‘treat yo’self.’ So, you go and spend an hour and a half in the store debating if you really really want that dress because the price tag is looking at you like ‘I’m out of your league;’ but you’re not gonna get punked by a price tag because you’re a good person and doggone it, you deserve nice things!

Wait. What? I’ve gotten off topic; but, yeah Girl–YOLO. Shopping YOLO.

Splurge example: they carry 7 for all Mankind jeans–need I say more? Here’s a positive to go with that splurge decision: they do free alterations on designer jeans purchases! WIN!

Anyway, StyleDwell is vintage inspired heaven and honestly, there’s a little something for everyone. And they carry local brands like 3 Little Beads, Nectar, Aviate, Ash Hoffman (out of Myrtle Beach) and they’ve still got a few Charleston Strong tees!

StyleDwell is also big in the swimsuit game. They’re the only boutique I’ve seen (thus far) that even has swimwear, but it makes absolute sense since it’s on the route to the Edge of America aka Folly Beach. Chic and adorable bikinis, cover ups, floppy hats, tanks and shorts are all flanked by a modern southern summer decor.

Have I discussed the decor? I mean, this summer section is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s open and flows extremely well. It’s inviting and decorated (or marketed–see what I did there?) so well that you’re drawn right in to the hottest pieces. Ever wonder how people could spend so much time shopping in one store? With StyleDwell, it’s no wonder. It feels like home.

Bright, spacious, moderate, tasteful, on trend, and homey. You can order online, but you’d rather visit the store. If you’re a stylish mom with an equally stylish daughter or if you have a stylish mom, y’all come out on top here. I encountered a woman who came in to shop for her daughter and ended up finding things for herself. Remember when that kind of thing only happened at department stores?

I find it hard to walk in and not find at least one thing you like and even harder to narrow it down to one thing you love. You’ll enjoy shopping here–if not simply for the clothes, then the atmosphere. And if that’s not enough, by the end of your trip you’ll be on a first name basis with Christie the owner. That, in itself, is certainly worth the trip to James Island.

Follow StyleDwell on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

**side note: they get new shipments in on the daily, so it’s super fresh up in there! Give them your monies (after you’ve adulted and adulted responsibly, of course)!**

–nikki ❤️

House of Sage

Hey y’all! It’s fabuless boutique of the week Wednesday! I’m starting with boutiques that I follow on Instagram and this week it’s all about House of Sage!

Located slightly off King Street and in the heart of Cougar Country, this boutique is bohemian chic, on trend, and budget friendly. From the brunch crowd to beach babes there’s a bit of something for everyone. Did I mention that it’s budget friendly?

What I enjoy about boutiques is usually the one-of-a-kind finds, but with everyone competing to carry the most popular pieces sometimes it’s hard to find a place with an original feel. Not at House of Sage. It’s eclectic and funky and homey. Right now, no other boutique feels like House of Sage. I also love that they carry local brands.

These Nectar sunnies are James Island bred and feature my favorite style: Wayfarer! They start at $25 and are offered in a multitude of colors! Light weight and pure statement makers, these local favorites are game changers. If you’re looking to gift me anything just know that my favorite color is pink and I love an animal print 😉

I also love accessories like necklaces and bracelets (bangles are life!) and HoS had plenty! These message bracelets are so adorable! They’d stand out alone, stacked up, or mixed among a stack of metal bangles. There was a great selection of accessories–not so much that you’d get overwhelmed, but enough to give you options. You know what I mean, right? 

Forever 21 overwhelms in two ways: you get to the point where you just pick because you really need these jewelry pieces and you really just want to get out of there before the line wraps around the store OR you just get tired of looking because you’re overwhelmed and the line is long, so you just leave empty handed. It’s quite the opposite at HoS

BTW, that South Carolina pendant is only $20!

Quality fashion forward pieces without breaking your budget; seriously, if Nicole Richie is one of your fashion icons and you want Nikki Fre$h style with an affordable price tag then you have to hit up HoS! I also love their home decor and lifestyle pieces! Candles, mugs, tumblers, bags–there’s honestly something for nearly every facet of your fashionable life happening here.

I honestly couldn’t leave without buying something and the internal debate I had in this store with myself was tense! I didn’t know what to get! A tumbler? A mug? A tank? A bangle? That SC pendant? Then I saw it. Pink and tye dyed. A gloriously pocketed maxi/caftan–it was everything!

Picture it with a bralette, lots of gold necklaces, bangles, sandals, and big hair. Can you see it? The perfect summer look with a $44 price tag! IT’S ONLY $44 AND IT’S LUXURIOUSLY SOFT AND FREAKIN PERFECT! The Drift Off Dress is offered in a few other colors and I’m wearing a small (I think the largest size offered is large). Seriously, how have y’all not been shopping here?! Or, how have you been shopping here and not telling the rest of us?!

AND they have a punch card system! What?! Rewards, Son! Everyone’s winning here!

Overall, House of Sage is a great mid priced boutique (though, it can get pricey depending on what you’re looking for but that’s to be expected). It’s easy to put together an outfit for $100 or less here. They’ve got great finds and atmosphere, but it is Downtown so the parking might be your biggest hurdle. I tend to shop Downtown on Sundays–light foot traffic, free (and debatably) and better parking options. I met one of the owners, Chris, who was very accommodating and helpful to customers.

House of Sage is definitely worth the trip downtown to 51 George Street for all you bohemians and laid back lovers. Tell them I sent you–it may or may not mean anything. It doesn’t mean anything, but say it anyway 😉

–nikki ❤️

Showing Local Love

Hey y’all!

A few weeks ago I talked about how I wanted to start spotlighting local boutiques. What I’m truly interested in is introducing y’all to local people, great style, and (most importantly) affordability. I, like most of y’all, don’t have unlimited funds so it’s important to find quality pieces that are cost effective. There honestly aren’t many resources for this–especially in Charleston, since everyone thinks we all live as lavishly as the cast of ‘Southern Charm.’ I love that show, but the South of Broad crowd is slim.
(Thanks to Ireana of XOXO, I. Joelle for the cute graphics!)

So, every Wednesday (hopefully) I’ll bring to you the fabuless boutique of the week! If you have any suggestions or if you have a boutique you’d like me to spotlight, e-mail me: nikki@lookfabuless.com! Check back tomorrow for the first feature!